Art Henderson

Art Henderson Art started out on the cello at age 10.  He quickly was recognized as a talent and played for the All-City Philadelphia School Orchestra.  From there, Art picked up the acoustic bass and started playing swing jazz standards.  Later, that very year, Art got an electric bass guitar and started his long career as a working musician.  Some of the bands Art played with in the 60″s included, The Four Lords and the V.I.P.s. These popular Philly bands were successful and provided Art with his first local radio air play.

Along came the 70’s and the disco era.  Art and his band, The Midnight Express, met the club scene demand; playing solidly for four straight years.  In the 80’s, Art joined the Juke Rockers, a blues band covering Muddy Waters, BB King and Stevie Ray.  At the height of their popularity, they opened for Wille Dixon, Albert King, Albert Collins and Jr. Walker and the All Stars at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly.

The 90’s saw Art return to his roots on the cello and join the South Jersey Pops.  Currently, Art continues to sing and play electric bass in a variety of rock bands in the Philadelphia area.  In addition, Art gigs with the  South Jersey String Quartet.  We look forward to his next single.


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