Ed Hickey

ed Ed grew up in the 60’s and 70’s.  His first hunger for picking up the six string came when he saw George Harrison’s guitar reflect the stage lights, leaving a scar on the black and white TV tube on the Ed Sullivan Show.  That night he thought to himself “that’s for me”. Ed’s musical sensibilities were basically culled from those early years with a little help from his four older sisters who loved folk music.  Ed started jamming in high school, taught himself some chords and accumulated as much sheet music as possible.  By the time he hit college he was covering Elvis, Dylan, the Beatles, CCR and Neil Young. Ed quickly got interested in writing original music, an art he continues to this day.  But his most memorable moments are still playing live music with his friends.  A passion he’s enjoyed over the last 20+ years.


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Best lookin babe in hell

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Gas Light Blinkin

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